Saturday, December 7, 2013


Please bare with me, I am on my laptop! Lastnight we headed out to walk the prairie walk. It was all alight with luminaries! It was so beautiful! Tonight we are going to our first live performance of the Nutcracker! Thanks to the generosity of some wonderful friends!

We have been very busy, so please pardon the long span between posts. The girls had their Irish dance recital. This year all 4 girls had a class!! They did very well. They are preparing for their theatre presentation, to which Lily is Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch! They will also be dancing that same night with their dance class! Im hoping to get some good pictures! We toured the local historic home here in our town just before Thanksgiving. The picture of the Christmas tree is from that day. We went up into the coupola on the top of the house. It doesn't seem like the holiday season til we go to this old house. They serve free punch and cookies afterwards. We've had some lovely sunsets around here lately, worthy of a picture. We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family! The along with their 4-H club made 75 Christmas ornaments that will be hand delivered to the residents at the local nursing home. They will also be carolling there as well.
We are currently observing the first week of advent as a family. We look forward to this special time of year as we prepare to observe Christ's birth. I pray you all have a blessed holiday season!!

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